New Wave: The Great British Seaside Revival

    • 19 June 20
  • Why now is the moment to bring back coastal placemaking

The United Kingdom has been hit with one wave after another of momentous change. Yet could this be the era of catalytic reflection before breaking free?

Lower costs of living, a calmer pace of life and newfound ability for remote working could all contribute towards city to coast migration. With continued investment bolstering communities and strategic development, we expect to see the revival of seaside resorts as destinations for all.

Our dispatches investigate how places and destinations can respond to emerging needs bringing our first-hand experience and intelligence to life through stimulating interviews, themes and striking case studies that signal what’s to come.

New Wave: The Great British Seaside Revival explores trends driving people towards the coastal edges and the rising appeal of the seaside towns as destinations for all.  It makes the case for growth along the coast post Brexit + COVID, yet has also raised many questions about investment in infrastructure, culture and the economy.

Through a series of themes as carefree as Hedonism-On-Sea or as crucial as the climate impact of Levelling Up this dispatch looks into who and what will shape the future of the British Coastline.


Desire for rejuvenation is leading to the increase in popularity of waster activities as we rebel against ‘ the cult of busy”, officially a syndrome as of 2019.

The Beach-conomy

Attracting and retaining talent is key in boosting coastal economies which are facing challenges of lower earnings and declining residents under age 30 years.


Threats of rising sea levels is compelling architects and designers to think more laterally and design concepts for defence against rising tides.


A new movement afoot, and it is one of pure pleasure. Escaping from a decade or so of austerity, people are searching for an inclusive sense of pleasure and freedom.

Harbouring Heritage

Heritage goes  beyond inspiring architects and developers: it  also act as a means of connecting  established community values with contemporary visions around tourism, leisure and sustainability.

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New Wave Matthew LeJune on Unsplash