Rebel City Revelations

    • 14 October 20
  • As the world turns on its head, we ask if it might just be the rebel cities that make it...

Rebel Cities are places that take action against convention, born from crisis or to counter a conservative culture

In a moment when there is no normal, this spirit is just what citymakers need.

The established global players of New York, Shanghai, or London seem ill-equipped for this brave new world. In the midst of a dramatic shift in modes of urban living, big cities are fast losing their appeal — accelerating a change well underway before lockdown.

So in this climate of constant change, where do we look to next?  Our eye is on the world’s imperfect yet enthralling cities — the ones that never show up on the rankings radar, but might just have the talent and street smarts to make it.

Athens, Dakar, Medellin, Brisbane and Chengdu are among the ‘Rebel Cities’ we explore in our downloadable dispatch of places that are rewriting the rulebook.

Drawing from our cultural correspondents on the ground, and international experts, we examine what’s bringing about these cities’ successes, and how they are stepping out from the shadows after tough times.

And at a moment when most cities are in need of reinvention, we ask ‘what can other cities learn from these rising stars?’

The ‘Rebel Cities Revelations from the Renegades”  explores potential in of cities that proudly hold rebel status but don’t know what to do with it; to those that are unsung and unloved.

Our investigation uncovered traits that some might see as negatives, and uses them as the basis to build positive character for your city.

So see these revelations not as a rulebook to follow, but as a provocation. We’re all for free thinking to shape the future of cities.

To read more download our dispatch form below.