The Place Bureau Launches Natural Futures

June 27, 2024
Tess Redburn
Download a free chapter of the Natural Futures report here, the full report will be available in July. Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram for more details around the launch.

The Place Bureau Launches Natural Futures — an insight report examining the evolving relationship between our human spaces and the natural world. 

As we uproot the notion that humans are separate from nature, are the shoots of a new responsive and resilient way of life about to reshape our human habitats? 

Embark on a journey through the future of our landscapes and cityscapes as The Place Bureau shares its latest dispatch on Natural Futures. Building on the success of 2023’s Civic Futures report and the Place Futures toolkit, it’s the second part in an evolving collection of tools designed to guide placeshapers around the world to gaze into the future with greater confidence — developing places with deeper meaning, resilience and impact.

So, what if natural rights were as important as human rights? What if we redefined cities as wild biomes? What if the countryside became fertile ground for our most future-facing lifestyles?

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