A new vantage point

Creating forever places through storytelling and experience

The Place Bureau is a strategic duo that draws expertise from urban research, cultural design, futurist film-making and spatial storytelling to define new realities for places around the world.

People value places that mean something to them. Using narrative and design strategies to draw out meaning, we unlock the power of social and cultural value to match the economics of a place.

Bringing these alternative perspectives to developing masterplans, districts and destinations, we help envision places with greater insight, imagination and impact.


Setting the direction


Looking out in the world and on the ground to uncover the opportunities for a place.

  • Place Safaris
  • Culture Captures
  • Behavioural Insights
  • Future Trends Frameworks

Originating future-fit visions to inform distinctive design for districts and destinations.

  • Future Scenarios
  • Narrative & Vision Workshops
  • Experience Design
  • Place Look & Feel

Charting a realistic course to turn place vision into action.

  • Design & Activation Briefs
  • Cultural Curation
  • Investment Proposition
  • Project Journey Map
The Team

the Chiefs

Rosanna Vitiello
Rosanna Vitiello sees the true origins of places to uncover their cultural potential. With 18 years international experience, she’s an expert in interpreting the local essence of a place into narrative, public space and experience design. As a creative director she has developed masterplan visions, and place identities for the world’s leading museums, architects, destinations and urban districts. She is also a Research Associate at Central St Martins, London.
Home: London & Mediterranean
Rosanna Covacich
Rosanna Covacich sees the ’next’ to understand places through a future lens. With over 25 years experience working worldwide she’s an expert in storytelling and envisioning sensory experiences across all mediums; collaborating with some of the world’s most well-known brands along with the quieter achievers. From a background in futures insights and behavioural change, she brings an acute understanding of the significance of cultural symbols, and the emotional effects that a well-told story, aesthetics and experience evokes in people.
Home: London & Sydney
  • Masterplanners, Developers & Investors
  • Cultural Institutions & Global Brands
  • Destinations & City Governments

We partner with clients worldwide to add a cultural dimension and long-term value to the assets and places they develop. We integrate as an extension of your team, helping you establish places with provenance, enter new markets with local credibility, create greater civic impact and promote local distinctiveness.

Our team has worked with:

  • Accor Hotels Asia Pacific
  • Bruce Mau Design
  • BMW UK
  • Google
  • HBReavis
  • JPT Architects & Masterplanners
  • Lavazza
  • Lendlease
  • Museum of London
  • Museum of Tomorrow
  • Moreau Kusunoki Architects
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Prior + Partners Masterplanners
  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
  • QIC Retail Real Estate
  • Ralph Appelbaum Associates
  • The Future Laboratory
  • Vibrations Group


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