Tian Fu Art Town, Chengdu
Developing a cultural district for the 21st Century Silk Road
Cultural planning
Place research
The Glenturret, Scotland
Bringing new life to Scotland's oldest distillery
Marlow Film Studio, UK
Envisioning a 21st Film Studio to Revive the British Tradition of Storytelling
Creative community
Place provenance
Moffet Park, Silicon Valley
Conceiving Google’s most advanced district as a place of effortless living and working
Place strategy
Silvertown, Royal Docks, London
Re-imagining the Royal Docks as London's Riviera
Place strategy
Bristol Western Harbour, UK
Crafting a vision through creative research
New localism
Waterfront placemaking
Midleton, Ireland
Developing a world of Irish Whiskey to explore for Pernod Ricard
Destination brand
Snaefellsnes, Iceland
Uncovering the surprising warmth within a brutal landscape
Destination brand
Place identity
Lift 109, Battersea Power Station, London
Powering Up London
Destination vision
Huntingdonshire 2050, UK
Futures Literacy in the Fenlands
New natural
Place vision
Canning Dock, Liverpool Waterfront
Revealing stories of global transatlantic slave trade and local identity through public space
Place narrative
Waterfront placemaking