Dhun, Jaipur

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Capturing creative futures in this natural neighbourhood


Dhun, situated on the outskirts of Jaipur, Rajasthan, was once a barren 500-acre plot of land. Today this biodiverse neighbourhood focusses on a fresh approach to urban development, combining contemporary advancements in ecological restoration with traditional indigenous techniques to manage the land. Dhun's ideology is explored through its sandbox practice that focuses on a new way of living with nature, culture and community at its core. Its vision revolves around creating a district rich with biodiversity and creative innovation from the ground up – prioritising local ecology, social and physical well-being, and the needs of the community. A thread of experimentation weaves through all aspects of Dhun life, which in turn leads to a continuously evolving and hugely exciting environment.

It's not just about what Dhun can become, but who we can become at Dhun…

We visited Dhun as part of the School of Pursuits and Passions 2024 Winter Workshops Programme. The intention was to work with the employees and creators of Dhun to better understand the future possibilities and needs for both place and people.

Through a 2-day on-site visit, we interviewed custodians of the land, from gardeners to weavers, filmmakers to community managers, and prospective residents to help develop an insight on what sets Dhun apart as a unique destination. During this 48-hour exploration we collated images, words, and interviews to create a ‘field guide’ to the unique spirit of this place and its creative potential. This book allows a visual perspective into Dhun at its present state with glimpses to the future. Now we’re looking forwards, supporting Dhun in exploring the growth of their Design District.

A ‘48-hour’ field notes book

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  • Anupam Yog 
  • School of Pursuits & Passions

  • 500 acre land
  • Over 150 species of birds
  • 200,000 trees planted using the Japanese Miyawaki method
  • 5 water bodies and growing