Lift 109, Battersea Power Station, London

Destination vision

Powering Up London


Battersea Power Station is a legendary London landmark, a grade II listed icon brought back to life as one of the world’s most anticipated neighbourhoods. A jewel in the crown is Lift 109, the city’s most distinct viewing experience sitting atop one of the power station’s four chimneys. Propelling guests on a journey 109 metres up, from Art Deco Turbine Hall on a thrill ride up the chimney to take in epic 360 degree views and stories surrounded by the city’s distinct skyline. Such an extraordinary attraction needed a powerful vision and compelling narrative to elevate everyone’s view of London, and Battersea Power Stations’ role in it.

The Place Bureau were commissioned to drive the destination vision, working with lead designers Ralph Appelbaum Associates. Our high-energy workshops involved exploring the site’s well-loved heritage, reframing its role as a contemporary powerhouse for London, and identifying positioning and journeys for different visitors.
The power of the vision was woven through all aspects of design and brand, from the.

“A whole new way to see London.”
The Independent

  • Ralph Appelbaum Associates
  • Squint Opera
  • Battersea Power Station Development Company